Digital Brain | My next trip back
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My next trip back


Delta Airlines wanted to target the Hispanic market. In order to do so, a social platform was developed which allowed Delta to connect with US Hispanics through a very relevant insight. In this microsite, US Hispanics were able to share special experiences that they wanted to live on their next trip back to LAC. The best stories were selected and Delta made their unique trips back come true by creating special and engaging experiences which became very compelling stories. We developed an influencer network that helps spread the word about the contest and expand the reach of the winning videos.

The 1st year campaign was so successful that there was a 2nd version the following year, this time targeting Millennials.  This time Stories were even more compelling and the reach and engagement of the campaign was huge. Winner videos got more than 1.5MM views each and the campaign had a total reach of 24MM people.